After serving 11 years in the United States Air Force, I created Tranquility. I love being able to be creative and bring my ideas and innovations into all kinds of homes. To be able to make an impact and a difference in my clients lives gives me so much pride in what my company brings to the table!

Samantha, Owner

I am currently serving in the United States Air Force as a Command Support Staff representative, while working for Tranquility part time. I handle all of Tranquility's social media post, content and engagement. Chances are, If you found this site, it was from one of our outreach campaigns! I love interacting with our clients and sharing our story!

Alessandra, Analyst

My name is Ally and I am the staff analyst here at Tranquility. I love to collect and analyze data in order to inform and improve our client services. I believe in the power of numbers to show us patterns of what works and what doesn’t. Currently, I’m studying to earn my doctorate in clinical research psychology at UNC Greensboro. 



My name is Deron and I began as a satisfied Tranquility customer. I was drawn to the company instantly and was soon after brought on board as a foreman. I began applying my military experience to the overall job site management and love every bit of it!

Jaylin,  Technician

My name is Jaylin Smith and I am a technician for Tranquility. I have a considerable knowledge with technology and I am an upcoming photographer. I love seeing our clients happy and satisfied with our work!



My name is Rueben and I am currently in high school. I love to give back to our community whenever I can and learn new things whenever possible. When I am not at school or working for Tranquility, I enjoy video games, landscaping and teaching my dog Joker new tricks!

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