our services

Smart Home Installation

Pick, click, install, integrate. We design your desire and automate each device to work seamlessly.

Certified Ring Security

The DMV's first certified Ring Installation team, securely Mount, install and defend your domain. Chose locks and cameras in a system that works best for you and control it from your device, anywhere in the world.

Custom Movie Rooms

Lights, camera, action, right in your own home. From start to finish, we design every inch of your mancave, shecave or family area to completely immerse you and your viewers in what you are watching. Automated lighting, surround sound, custom furniture, accent walls and much more!

Smart Uplighting

Increase your curb, kitchen, bar or movie room appeal with our smart accent lighting. Replacement or customization, we have you covered!

Retrofit Alarm

Have an old alarm that needs some reviving? Let us bring it back to life with our retrofit kits. We take the old and sync it with the new, just the way it was intended.

Internet Services

Wifi not as you expected? Ping, place or replace your old system. Ports not working? No worries.

Cable Wiring

Poorly insulated and broken cables do not cut it. Let us diagnose, repair or replace your inoperable ethernet cords and cables.

TV Mounting

TVs look cool on the wall, don't they? Mount, hide wires, enjoy your new setup.

Home Theater Installation

Want to make it loud? Add a new surround sound system to bring any TV to life.